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On returning home last night I was rewarded with a loving present from Hugh the Hunter.



The latest Simon's Cat film is ready to watch right now! It's called 'Cat & Mouse'.


Have you ever been in this situation...?


I was just about to tuck into my favourite meal, when little Jess decided to show me her dinner too... nice. I think I will stay clear of garden grass though, thanks all the same Jess.


Hunting mice can be a dirty business, especially when it rains. So it's always good to have a place to dry off and warm up afterwards.


I bought a new mattress the other day and took the old one down into the hallway , ready to be thrown away. However, it soon became the new cat toy of the house!

I have just returned from a week in Egypt and although I couldn't take him with me, I know how my cat would have spent his days.

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