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A sleepy cat gets a rude awakening!


Learn how Simon draws Siamese Cats in this How To video.


Simon discusses the inspiration behind his new film 'Off to the Vet' and shares personal stories relating to his own 4 cats.

It's still sinking in that we reached our Indiegogo goal with days to go. Not only have we reached our target - we have gone over by £10K+!


With just over 60 hours left of the campaign, we have been discussing what our stretch goals should be. We feel it can only be EXTRA ANIMATION!


Wow! We’ve made it!! We’ve just reached our target with 4 days left until the end. We’ve all been glued to our computers constantly refreshing the page - edging closer and closer to the goal! Read more...

Official Simon's Cat Decals are now available to pre order! There will be a choice of designs and they can be stuck on to anything from cars to laptops. You can order your and help support Simon's Cat in 'Off to the Vet' at Indiegogo by clicking HERE.


Simon speaks to London Live about the future of Simon's Cat and our crowdfunding campaign for 'Off to the Vet'

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