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Here is the final installment, before the overall winner is announced later today!

The fifth installment of the Hiding Competition Winners - Bird Boxes and Tails!  


One more installment left as well as the overall winner to be announced tomorrow!

Today we have the fourth installment of the Hiding Competition Winners.
Here we present the third installment of the Hiding Competition winners!
Here are the winners for The Great Outdoors theme of the Hiding Competition...
While we were short listing the finalists there were various themes that 'revealed' themselves to us. So as well as selecting an overall winner, we have decided to award prizes for different themes...
Top TV critic Hans-Ulrich Pönack rates the DVD 4 out of  5 stars - "The Best of Simon’s Cat" is funny and charming home cinema entertainment.  The DVD is a real bright spot in these mostly dark days.”

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