NEW! Simon's Cat is now playable in his very own action game!

Re-live the film 'Simon's Cat in Cat Chat' as you attempt to skillfully place items on a hedgehog's back without him noticing.

While playing you'll encounter surprise mystery characters as you explore the garden. Will they be friends or will they try to stop Simon's Cat from completing his mission?

Featuring the distinctive hand-drawn graphics of the Simon's Cat series this game will stand out in your app collection.


  • Multiple Levels.
  • Hand drawn characters and environment.
  • Unlock Special Moves.
  • Interactive leaf throwing system.
  • Discover new garden items.
  • Suprise characters.
  • Fun!

Can I play Cat Chat on Android/Windows/Blackberry?

Cat Chat is currently only available for iOS devices. There are plans for other platforms in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

If you are still having problems, or for any other Cat Chat related enquiries please email us at:

Simon's Cat has arrived in his very own iPhone app! Now you can have Simon's Cat performing for you in the palm of your hand!

Purrfect Pitch is a creative musical app and a game too! The creative mode allows you to compose your own tunes, save them, and then watch as Simon's Cat sings them back! The game mode sees you taking on Simon's Cat, as he tests your ability to follow his lead in a series of increasingly difficult musical challenges!

Sure to raise a smile, this app is a must for any Simon's Cat fan!


  • Touch-sensitive on screen piano.
  • Compose and save your own tunes.
  • Play back previously saved tunes.
  • Challenge game mode with multiple challenges.
  • The vocal talents and artwork of Simon Tofield.
  • Fun!

Frequently asked questions

Why is there no sound? I can't hear anything.

Try the following measures. In most cases the problem is caused by the mute button.

  • 1. Please check that the mute button on yout iOS device is not active.

  • 2. Check that you have turned up the volume of you iOS device.

  • 3. If you have a lot of other apps running in the background, try closing them and restarting Purrfect Pitch.

  • 4. If you are still having problems. Delete ‘Purrfect Pitch’ from your device and re-install it. You won’t be charged to re-install the app if you have already paid for it.

Can I play Purrfect Pitch on Android/Windows/Blackberry?

Purrfect Pitch is only available for iOS devices. There are no plans for porting it to other platforms at this time.

If you are still having problems, or for any other Purrfect Pitch related enquiries please email us at:

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