Thanks for getting involved.
Thanks for getting involved.



My job is to make sure that the website is working properly. But I'm having a quick break to explain one of the fun features of the Simon's Cat website. User accounts.


If you decide to join the site you will have to create a user account. To do this click on the 'Create account' button. It looks like this:


Example create account


After you've completed creating your account, it will look something like this:


Example user


Let me explain what this shows you.


Avatar Icon
This is the round circle on the left containing a picture of a cat. You can choose a different avatar if you want to by clicking through into 'Settings' on the right.


Username: Example User
You choose your username when you make an account. It is permanent and cannot be changed - so choose it very carefully. You can click on other people's user account names to learn about them. Click on mine above where it says 'Administrator' under the post title to learn about me.


Level 1
This shows that your account is only Level 1. The higher your level the more privileges your account will have. One benefit of being a higher level is the ability to choose from a wider variety of avatars.


Title: Baby Blue Eyes
This is a special title you are awarded when you first create an account. Many more titles can be achieved depending on your activity on the site.


Example experience bar


Experience Bar
This is the black line rectangle above. The grey bars within it show how close you are to reaching the next level. Being active on the site results in you being rewarded with experience points which fill up the experience bar. The number of points you can earn in a day is capped at a reasonable level. So please don't spam the site in order to try level up faster as it won't work!


And there it is! Just a quick introduction to the basics. I will update this post as time goes on, so feel free to ask questions below in the Comments box. And I will try get back to you in the update.


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thanks helped me alot!


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This was very helpful, i was so confused as to how to rank up !!!


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Got it!


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sparkle natalie

thank you for showing me the ice cube tray!!! little mice. i needed that.


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Thanks I thought it was somthing to do with uploading photos


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thanks for the help!


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Im not really sure how to level up how do I level up???



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