What is Simon's Cat

Simon’s Cat is a charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with Simon. He made his first appearance online, in a film called 'Cat Man Do'. Since then he has also appeared in his own books, game and comic strip.

Who is Simon Tofield

Simon is an English animator who has a great interest in British wildlife, painting, the great outdoors and of course cats.

Simon started animating at a very young age. Inspired by cartoons on TV, he used to create basic flip-books in an attempt to emulate the techniques he saw being used on screen.

Does Simon have a cat in real life?

Simon actually has four cats. Jess, Maisy, Hugh and Teddy.

Do Simon’s real life cats provide the cat sounds for the films?

All the character sounds and noises in the films are performed by Simon himself! The only exception is the bird from ‘Snow Business’, which is a real robin.

Who is ‘Shrooty’?

Shrooty is the talented sound designer who helps Simon create the sound for the Simon’s Cat films. If you’re interested in hearing more of Shrooty’s work you can visit his website by clicking here.

Why does it take so long to make each Simon’s Cat film?

Even though the films are made using Adobe Flash software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon’s Cat film.

Can I purchase the Simon’s Cat films on DVD or iTunes?

All the Simon’s Cat films are available to watch for free on the Simon’s Cat YouTube channel.

We’re considering making a special DVD compilation of the films with added extras in the future.

Where can I buy Simon’s Cat T-shirts?

Simon’s Cat is working with international licensees to produce Simon’s Cat merchandise. Some products and items may not yet be available in your location. The best way to see what is available in your country is to click on the ‘Shop’ button above. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to email us to let us know.

How can I contact you?

If you would like to get in touch with simon or the team you can find our contact details here

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